Wet Basement Solutions

Controlling Water With Drainage Systems - Interior, Exterior

A common solution for residential drainage problems is the "French drain." A French drain can either be in the yard or in the basement. Whether interior or exterior, it is a trench that directs water away from the home or out of the basement.

French Drains in the Yard

French drains are a very effective way to move water away from a building. French drains are trenches filled with gravel, sand or a drainage pipe, and are usually installed at or near low points along the perimeter of a building where standing water is accumulating. The system directs the flow of water away from the building. It's a low cost and relatively easy underground installation.

French Drains in the Basement

An interior French drain system is buried within the perimeter walls underneath the basement floor, during the construction of a new building. This drain system consists of perforated plastic pipes that are place through the footings to allow water to flow between the basement floor and the exterior perimeter drain system. For sites that have a very high water table, interior perforated plastic pipes are placed within the crushed stone, along the inside of the foundation footing (the entire basement wall structure) and connected to the pipes that discharge into the perimeter drain system.

Basement Sump Pumps

Basement sump pumps are usually installed to prevent basement flooding, but they can also be used to remove general dampness by lowering the water table under the foundation. Basement sump pumps should move water away from your house and into a municipal storm drain, dry well or a drainage swale (not your septic system).

Basement Moisture and Your Health

Water and moisture in the basement can cause problems with your home's structural integrity and also affect the quality of the air you breathe in your home. Standing water in a basement can cause mold and mildew in the home resulting in a negative impact on your home's value. Poor air quality can cause serious mold-related health issues. Catching a water or moisture problem early can be the best, most cost-effective way to avoid long-term problems.