Concrete Floor Leveling

Repair Sunken Concrete with Slabjacking

Slabjacking (also known as mudjacking) is a commonly used method for correcting sunken concrete slabs -- including residential concrete slabs -- by pumping cement grout through strategically-located holes. Concrete leveling can be hard to fix and lead to major structural issues, but slabjacking can be a simpler, faster and less expensive option compared to installing a whole new concrete section, which might cost twice as much. Concrete that has been slabjacked can be ready to use again within hours. It's an easier process altogether and your landscaping won't be disturbed. This method is also good for concrete sidewalk repair or for any size of unlevel or sunken concrete slab. If your slab is in otherwise good condition, chances are we can save it. Homeowners can save an average of 50 to 70 percent by repairing rather than replacing their concrete.