Bryan Locke LLC of Center Barnstead, Belknap County, New Hampshire

Complete Concrete Repair, Basement Waterproofing and Drainage Services

For over 30 years I have been helping commercial and residential customers in New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts with all types of drainage and moisture level problems. I can help you solve all types of structural concrete (basement walls, retaining walls, etc.), water drainage, and moisture problems in your home or business. I provide free consultations to assess your situation and recommend possible solutions and estimates of cost. My goal is to provide the right solution for all of my customers and do the project as quickly and efficiently as possible. I am committed to providing quality work so that each customer -- commercial or residential -- is satisfied.

Emergency Drainage Service: 603-231-1044

Services - Residential and Commercial

  • Foundation Repair
  • Concrete Wall Repair
  • Bowed, Buckling Concrete Walls
  • Cracked Concrete Repair
  • Retaining Wall Repair
  • Yard Drainage Solutions
  • Water Diversion Systems
  • Basement Waterproofing
  • Waterproofing Crawl Spaces
  • Drainpipe Clearing
  • Interior, Exterior French Drains
  • Excessive Moisture Problems

Repair concrete walls now and avoid structural damage and total wall replacement later.


Why is it important to manage the moisture levels in your home?

  • Maintain Structural Integrity of the Home
  • Improve Air Quality Your Family Breathes
  • Eliminate Mold, Mildew 
  • Maximize Value of Home

Excessive amounts of water and moisture in your home's basement can cause many types of problems. It can affect the structural integrity of your home by damaging wood construction materials. Wood can be damaged when there are wide swings in moisture levels and insects are attracted when there are high levels of moisture. Protect your investment -- a home with consistent, proper levels of moisture will last you a very long time. Perhaps the most important reason to manage moisture in the home is because of how it affects the quality of air your family breathes. Excessive moisture or standing water in your basement can cause mold and mildew in the living areas of the home and can cause serious health issues. Managing water or moisture problems in your basement before it does irreversible damage is the least expensive and smartest way to avoid long-term problems.

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